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2016 Highlights

It’s a bit surreal to be back to this once-familiar screen. It has been over three-and-a-half years since my last post. Two days after that post came one of those experiences you read about in books, where the world stops … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the New Year

I started to wax contemplative regarding the new year in my FB status, then realized a blog post was in order. The word that has consistently come to mind as I’ve considered another year – NEW What do I want … Continue reading

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In Which I Speak of Soy and Estrogen

I have recently been asked to articulate my concerns about soy as food. I have told some of my experience with soy and estrogen dominance in my dust-gathering-yet-unfinished series on Balance, but thought I would share this brief as well. … Continue reading

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Memories, tangible and intangible

The apron is blue cotton, generously sprinkled with pink and pale yellow flowers mixed with faded leaves. It snaps up the front, cobbler-style, has two front pockets, and is trimmed in pink. I crumple it to my face, and despite … Continue reading

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My Health Journey – an update

I’ll get the confession part of this post out-of-the-way right off the bat. I got stuck on my journey for a few weeks. I had five days of sickness, which had some scale advantages, but also weakened me considerably and contributed … Continue reading

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Time for a This-and-That

House stuff – we’re making progress! The main living areas are pretty much settled, except the library, which needs a ton of work (floor patched so that we can put up bookcases in a currently unusable corner, lots of books … Continue reading

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A week for alkalizing

I noticed on Sunday afternoon that I was starting to feel awfully acidic (heartburn, general yucky feeling, etc). I tried to ignore it, but by Monday morning, I realized that I needed to focus on moving my body toward alkaline … Continue reading

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Operating procedures

As I mentioned, I had some outpatient surgery under general anesthesia last week.  I thought some of you might find it interesting if I posted a bit about the stuff that they did to get me ready for the surgery. … Continue reading

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Home and Groggy

I’m glad to say that I’ve been home for a few hours (most of which I’ve spent sleeping). Things went well with the surgery. I am in too much of a fog to type much, but if you want, you … Continue reading

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Wednesday Surgery

Okay, I’ve been debating about whether or not to post this, but I think I shall… I’m supposed to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 7.30 to check in for outpatient surgery.  It’s not considered a major deal, but … Continue reading

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