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A New Tool… Or Is It a Toy?

A big family Christmas gift to us from Papa and Mama Byrd was a pressure cooker/canner.  I have yearned for a pressure canner for several years, and while I might be more excited about it than anyone else in our … Continue reading

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Backtracking… Miscellaneous May Moving

We closed on our new home on April 27, but didn’t have our first night here until May 5. We spent the intervening week doing lots of scrubbing, sprinkling of baking soda followed by vacuuming, and packing. Saturday the 5th, … Continue reading

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Space Perspective – A New Family Adventure

In the next month or so, our family of ten will be moving from this house – to this house – We will be moving into a space that Jonathan estimates to be about a third of the space we … Continue reading

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Valentines Day Fudge!

After reading some to our Blessings about True Love, Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, … Continue reading

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No-to-low-Knead Wheat Bread

One of my top five tips for those getting started in the kitchen would be to find a bread recipe that works for you and is adaptable for multiple purposes. It’s only in the last 8 months that I’ve found … Continue reading

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Still here!

I’ve been a bit distracted from blogging lately… We’re on our second round of chicken pox currently. Unless Andrew ends up getting them in a third round, we will have lifetime immunity for seven out of eight Blessings. It’s been … Continue reading

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Apple day

We’ve been busy today taking care of various projects around the house. It’s the first weekday the Blessings have had off school since mid-September, and they’ve been a big help. We worked on getting the venison we were given earlier … Continue reading

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The garden is almost done for the year. Last week we gathered a large harvest before the first freeze of the year. The Blessings and I also spent about an hour covering tomato and pepper plants with sheets before that … Continue reading

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In Which I Speak of Soy and Estrogen

I have recently been asked to articulate my concerns about soy as food. I have told some of my experience with soy and estrogen dominance in my dust-gathering-yet-unfinished series on Balance, but thought I would share this brief as well. … Continue reading

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May Momentos in Miniature

A stroll through some highlights of May… (click to enlarge)

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