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Time for a This-and-That

House stuff – we’re making progress! The main living areas are pretty much settled, except the library, which needs a ton of work (floor patched so that we can put up bookcases in a currently unusable corner, lots of books … Continue reading

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We’re Here!

We loaded up trucks on March 30… drove to our new home in southcentral Kansas on the 31st… and unloaded trucks on April 1st. We were blessed by a fabulous amount of help from loving friends and family on both … Continue reading

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I have, over the years that I’ve been reading blogs, entered a multitude of giveaways. I’ve pouted inwardly more than I’d like to admit over not ever winning one. Well, for reasons beyond my ken, my losing streak has been … Continue reading

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An update on Andrew’s diet

I mentioned near the beginning of the month that we had discovered that Andrew does not deal well with the bovine milk protein that comes through in my milk (a condition called allergic colitis), that I had gone off dairy, and … Continue reading

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Our developing laundry system

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve finally figured out a laundry system that we seem to be able to implement with some consistency. Here is more about that system and its evolution, in hopes that some part of … Continue reading

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Hand Washing

Though I want to be a good steward, I’ll be frank and state that I am not overly concerned about “saving the earth.” After all, it’s all going to burn one day and be replaced. The interesting thing I’ve found … Continue reading

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My First Furniture Re-do

From this:To this: I have no experience, and this project is proof that if you’re content with imperfection, you can have beauty! This is a chair that came out of my G’pa and G’ma Byrd’s attic. The original cover was … Continue reading

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The Clean Up Project

In mid-December, amidst the joys and busy-ness of the Advent season, a nice gentleman showed up at our door. Unfortunately, he was the J. County Solid Waste Division Field Inspector. Near the beginning of November, someone had called in a … Continue reading

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Artisan Bread

One of my recent fascinations is with artisan bread. Well, really, with making wonderful bread with very little effort. I just posted about it on Love You Can Eat. I was especially thinking of Tab in south Florida – I … Continue reading

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Book Covers Tutorial

Making book covers is something that my family did a lot of through Eric’s and my Jr. High and High School years. We attended a small Christian school where textbooks were used over and over, and the students were required … Continue reading

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