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We have been looking at a family business possibility over the past couple of months that would require a major time-investment from me.  As we pondered and prayed, I realized that to be gone from home more than fourty hours … Continue reading

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Space Perspective – A New Family Adventure

In the next month or so, our family of ten will be moving from this house – to this house – We will be moving into a space that Jonathan estimates to be about a third of the space we … Continue reading

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Apple day

We’ve been busy today taking care of various projects around the house. It’s the first weekday the Blessings have had off school since mid-September, and they’ve been a big help. We worked on getting the venison we were given earlier … Continue reading

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The garden is almost done for the year. Last week we gathered a large harvest before the first freeze of the year. The Blessings and I also spent about an hour covering tomato and pepper plants with sheets before that … Continue reading

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Christmas Pictures

Mostly a for-the-grandparents post, with cute pictures and brief concluding thoughts… Christmas Day Pictures Handmade sibling gifts – It was a blessing to be a part of the making of these gifts of love! From their parents – handmade lapdesks … Continue reading

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Thoughts on country living and sustainability

During July, we put in a good bit of drive time in rural Missouri, driving back and forth to camp. One thing that stood out to Jonathan and I is that there are many people who live in rural areas … Continue reading

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Hand Washing

Though I want to be a good steward, I’ll be frank and state that I am not overly concerned about “saving the earth.” After all, it’s all going to burn one day and be replaced. The interesting thing I’ve found … Continue reading

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Love that winter squash!

Here is the majority of our winter squash harvest (some have already been eaten). Four cookie sheets of pie pumpkins are baking now; I plan to bake, puree and freeze most of them over the next week or so, saving … Continue reading

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Corn Adventures and The Simple Life

Months ago, I read an article by Debi Pearl on the No Greater Joy website about different uses for corn. It fascinated me – though we are far from being self-sufficient or old-fashioned in our way of life, anything related … Continue reading

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