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The garden is almost done for the year. Last week we gathered a large harvest before the first freeze of the year. The Blessings and I also spent about an hour covering tomato and pepper plants with sheets before that … Continue reading

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May Momentos in Miniature

A stroll through some highlights of May… (click to enlarge)

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Gifts abounding

Gifts #501 – 531 Seeds in the ground at last The contagious love of planting Unexpected opportunity A full-time job for J Budgeting potentialities and challenges My wind chimes singing steadily on the front porch Hard working man Soul satisfaction … Continue reading

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Time for a This-and-That

House stuff – we’re making progress! The main living areas are pretty much settled, except the library, which needs a ton of work (floor patched so that we can put up bookcases in a currently unusable corner, lots of books … Continue reading

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Another Sort of Garden Work

Today, we did a little work in the front “flower garden.” That gets quotation marks because, since we moved here, we have seen very few flowers in the raised bed out front. However, my assumption has always been that there … Continue reading

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Well, we’ve been super busy the last couple of weeks… busy getting over a nasty virus that we acquired somewhere and unwittingly passed on to an unfortunately large number of people while we were at Ozark Family Camp. Ellie got … Continue reading

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Saturday Garden Work

Saturday found us back out in the garden, and once again Jonathan and the Blessings acomplished a great deal (pictures below). We have also revised our garden plans for this year a bit. Midway through Friday’s garden labors, Jonathan remarked … Continue reading

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This year’s garden

I mentioned in a recent This and That post that we had most of our garden planning done and were looking forward to getting started. Well, we finally had the mulch for our beds delivered today! Jonathan and the Blessings … Continue reading

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This and That … and lots of it!

I haven’t been very good with blogging regularly about what’s going on around here, so it’s time for a This and That post… Last month, Jonathan and I waited for a couple of hours in my backup OB’s office, then … Continue reading

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Love that winter squash!

Here is the majority of our winter squash harvest (some have already been eaten). Four cookie sheets of pie pumpkins are baking now; I plan to bake, puree and freeze most of them over the next week or so, saving … Continue reading

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