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2016 Highlights

It’s a bit surreal to be back to this once-familiar screen. It has been over three-and-a-half years since my last post. Two days after that post came one of those experiences you read about in books, where the world stops … Continue reading

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Memories, tangible and intangible

The apron is blue cotton, generously sprinkled with pink and pale yellow flowers mixed with faded leaves. It snaps up the front, cobbler-style, has two front pockets, and is trimmed in pink. I crumple it to my face, and despite … Continue reading

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It’s a Weekday!

Starting a new weekday habit on Friday night makes things a bit tricky. I almost forgot today. And the streams of thought run through my head so quickly that it’s difficult to grab onto one. Provision. There’s one that I … Continue reading

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Multitudes of Manna

Let us, with a gladsome mind, Praise the Lord, for He is kind. For His mercies aye endure, Ever faithful, ever sure. Let us blaze His Name abroad, For of gods He is the God. (John Mil­ton was 15 years … Continue reading

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Retracing Blessings

I’m sitting in His presence, The sunshine of His face, While with adoring wonder His blessings I retrace. It seems as if eternal days Are far too short to sound His praise. Oh, the love that sought me! Oh, the … Continue reading

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Multiple weeks worth of Multitude Mondays on Memorial Day

Gifts #532 – 588 ~ Pink Peonies gracing my table and scenting my home ~ Garden sprinkler arching water over growing plants ~ Wind stilled for a brush-and-box burning ~ Space cleared in the shop ~ Puttering around the property … Continue reading

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A Multitude of Gifts this Monday!

I missed posting my thanks last Monday, so I have a couple weeks worth today. But first, a bit of Psalm 118 that lifted me up this morning: Psalm 118:19-29 Open to me the gates of righteousness, that I may … Continue reading

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Gifts abounding

Gifts #501 – 531 Seeds in the ground at last The contagious love of planting Unexpected opportunity A full-time job for J Budgeting potentialities and challenges My wind chimes singing steadily on the front porch Hard working man Soul satisfaction … Continue reading

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Many thanks

Gifts #437 – 469 ~ Weeds pulled and ground cleared ~ A big blooming lilac bush ~ Sweet fellowship and prayer meeting ~ A Bogey’s-inspiring night (even without the Bogey’s) ~ Getting stronger ~ Walking with my love in the … Continue reading

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Multitude Monday

Finally sitting down to scratch out thanks (Gifts #376-436) with: The Kansas wind in my hair and The chatter of a myriad of birds around me “Interruptions” from dog and dear daughter Sunshine and shade Cardboard and tape to shelter … Continue reading

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