It’s a Weekday!

Starting a new weekday habit on Friday night makes things a bit tricky. I almost forgot today.

And the streams of thought run through my head so quickly that it’s difficult to grab onto one.


There’s one that I can hang onto.

I mentioned that Jonathan was recently off work for three unpaid weeks. For some reason, I felt awkward talking about God’s provision for us while we were in the midst of it. For some reason, now that he’s working again, it doesn’t seem as uncomfortable. But really… why should there be a taboo against praising the Lord for providing for our needs?

Anyway, it was amazing to see the way the Lord uses His people to be His hands and feet in our lives. We have received groceries, a cooler full of meat, money with which to carry on financially, and more. For me, this “sparse” time has been a great blessing as we have been loved and provided for in such neat ways. I feel loved and cared for by our body of fellow believers in a way I can’t adequately describe. Especially at almost eleven at night with two minutes left on my timer! But I am thankful.

The four year anniversaries of the passing of my G’pa and G’ma Byrd are coming up quickly, and the waves of grief have been coming. I’m trying to remember to remember they are somewhat akin to labor pains, in that I find it most helpful to work with them as they come, and let them go when they are done. There will be more, and I pray they are somehow productive.

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I am a believer in God the Creator as He reveals Himself in the Bible – saved by grace, through faith in the precious blood of Jesus. I am also the blessed wife of a wonderful man, and the thankful mother and teacher of eight Blessings, ages 18 months to 15 years.
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  1. Mama says:

    I/ have been praising our Father for His provision during Jonathan’s unavoidable “vacation” (. It thrilled our hearts to hear of those in your local fellowship coming along side to provide what He had for you. I am sure each of them have been blessed for being “His hands and feet”.
    I have been thinking of G’pa and G’ma also. I have so many sweet memories that have overshadowed the short time of stressfulness prior to their passing. G’pa allowed me to adopt him as my “dad” (as you know, I spent most of my years without one) and he truly loved me as “daughter”. That is what he called me most of the time. He filled a void in my life that I cannot express. G’ma was a whirlwind of activity wasn’t she. She never expressed her love for us all as freely as G’pa, but showed it in scurrying around cooking, and caring for us. Mom was so good for G’pa; getting him involved in activities and ventures when could have so easily missed out on pleasures she enjoyed.
    Papa and I still laugh over some of the “happenings” that were stressful and yet, somehow, funny when they were ill. “Somebody ought to” is one Liz-isms that remains in our vocab. I am so very thankful that God, in His wisdom, allows time to erase unpleasantness and allows the sweet, pleasing and funny to remain in memory. Kinda like the birth pains you referenced.
    I love you daughter! Enjoy your memories and don’t hesitate to shed a tear and enjoy a laugh over a reminiscence.

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