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Neat Video from The Big Push for Midwives


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Gangster Government


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Happy late birthday, Katie!

Sweet Kate’s birthday was Tuesday, and we had a great celebration day with The Cousins and Aunt Beka. I’m eager to tell all about the day and share pictures, but my hands are not permitting me to do that right … Continue reading

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Byrd Visit

We are loving having Beka and The Cousins here to visit. They arrived Friday evening, and we get to have them with us until Wednesday morning. The Blessings and The Cousins are wearing themselves out every day having fun together. … Continue reading

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Happy Fathers Day!

I’m beyond thankful for the fathers in my life. The greatest Father of all, my Heavenly Father. The best earthly father I could have asked for, my beloved Papa.And the wonderful father of my Blessings, my lover and best friend, … Continue reading

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A Walking Tour

If you’ve been wanting a closer look at the beautiful property we’re blessed to live on right now, here’s a walking tour for you. It’s really best seen by clicking on the slideshow below and viewing the pictures in their … Continue reading

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Why I use Google Chrome

First of all, I’m going to admit right off that I realize that Google’s browser, Chrome, has its challenges. It has issues dealing with certain types of media, and just this week, it started doing a bizarre thing when I … Continue reading

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And underneath…

Great post on the solid truth And I appreciated this passage someone quoted in the comments section: Yet I am always with you;you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel,and afterward you will take me … Continue reading

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A week for alkalizing

I noticed on Sunday afternoon that I was starting to feel awfully acidic (heartburn, general yucky feeling, etc). I tried to ignore it, but by Monday morning, I realized that I needed to focus on moving my body toward alkaline … Continue reading

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Mixed emotions on the homestead

I’m sure true homesteaders might take exception to my use of the word homestead to describe our efforts here on our rental property, but it’s all part of our effort to work toward becoming more self-sufficient and resourceful. So to … Continue reading

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