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Mama Stuff

Stacy at Your Sacred Calling has a great post up today about Kiddos in the Kitchen. Before you read on here, I’d love it if you’d go take a look, and be sure to read the article she links to … Continue reading

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Christmas Day Fun

Here are some collages of our Christmas day fun. A few things I wish I had pictures of… our times together reading the story of Christmas and singing, the lovely Winterberry teapot that Dad and Mom Smith bought me, and … Continue reading

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Glory to God in the Highest

and Merry Christmas to you!

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Happy Christmas Week to you!

Here it is, the week of Christmas. We are done with schoolwork until 2010 and I am looking forward to enjoying a couple weeks of fun and play. I haven’t written much about our Advent/Christmas related activities this year, mostly … Continue reading

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Finished Siding!

Once upon a time (last fall), the Lord worked things out for us to rent our current home from some friends. It was a two bedroom home, however, and it was agreed that we would do the labor while they … Continue reading

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A giveaway!

MoneySavingMom is having a terrific giveaway! In her words: ShopAtHome, an online cashback site that I’ve mentioned dozens of times, is generously buying a $100 gift card for five different readers here. But get this: if you win, you’ll get … Continue reading

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The Story

I wanted to share the verses I’m going to be reading to the kids today at our Good News Club Christmas party. It’s all so amazing and overwhelming to me that it’s hard to read without tears. That my Creator … Continue reading

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Recent Recipes

I’ve recently added Pecan Tassies and Creamy Ginger Chicken Soup to my Love You Can Eat Blog. Let me know if you like them!

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Blog Reading Tools

This morning, the Nester posed the question How Do You Read Blogs? I found it interesting that by the time I got around to commenting (#30-something), no one had mentioned my favorite blog-reading tool. So I did my best to … Continue reading

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This afternoon I had a wonderful visit with my lovely midwife. As I went to update my Facebook status, I was struck by just how rewarding & fantastic it is to be planning a home birth in Missouri with a … Continue reading

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