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Set Me Free – woohoo!

One of my favorite Acapella albums has always been Set Me Free.  It is packed full of fabulous songs, and is, in my opinion, some of the best road trip music ever!  Wonderful music for adoration of our great God and Savior, for refocusing our thoughts, and more.  The fact that it was the soundtrack for the Arizona trip when God first started pulling together the hearts of Jonathan and I – icing on the cake!

We lost both our copies of it years ago, and I’ve longed for it without spending the energy or money to get another copy.  A week or so ago, in a spontanteous moment, I found it used on amazon for $.80 (yes, 80 cents!).  A few bucks for shipping was well worth it, and our “new” cd arrived today.
Love it, love it, love it!!!
I’m considering making a video for one of the songs with some of my favorite “scenery” photos that we’ve taken over the last few years in various places.  But not till after we’ve moved, of course.


I suppose this post should have come before the “packing” post, shouldn’t it?

So, thanking you for your grace extended to my misplaced posting, I’m here to announce that we’re moving!
We will be renting the home of some friends of ours who have temporarily moved out of state.  The move will save us over $300/month in housing payments, which is a huge blessing.  The house is beautiful, and sits on a wonderful 10 acres of land (with creek, pond, chicken house, and more).
Though the job of moving a family of 9 is always overwhelming, I am so very much looking forward to being in our new home.  I feel God’s blessing and guiding hand over this move, and I am thankful.
How about some pictures??  I hope to get pictures inside the house next weekend, when we will meet with our friends and finalize some details.  But for now, here are a few shots from the outside:

Packing, packing

I’ve been quite busy with packing the last couple of days.  I’m still not supposed to be lifting things, and I’m so thankful for my helpful boys.  I get a box full and call, “I need some muscles, please!”  And the feet come running.  What a blessing!

I’m working on the office right now, as it’s the room that I would least like for someone else to pack and sort through.  I have a list sitting on my keyboard of the order in which I’m wanting to pack the different areas of the house.  The order is determined by what rooms I could stand to let someone else pack.  The ones I feel like I have to pack are first.  It goes:
Office (and school leftovers in the Barn)
J&L’s room
Living Room
Dining Room
Kids’ rooms
However, if you have a free afternoon, you’re welcome to come over and take down all the wall stuff and pack it for me!  😉
Anyway, that’s what is taking most of my time right now.  Check out my food blog for some Love you can Drink!

The “Followers” Gadget

Besides letting the blogger know that you read her blog, the “follow” feature also puts the posts in the “Blogs I’m Following” tab on your Blogspot dashboard. I still use my Google Reader, but this feature might be handy for some folks.

I’ve noticed how neat this gadget is on Mary’s blog, and I know from my sitemeter that I have a few readers. Will any of them admit to it publicly? We’ll see!

Operating procedures

As I mentioned, I had some outpatient surgery under general anesthesia last week.  I thought some of you might find it interesting if I posted a bit about the stuff that they did to get me ready for the surgery.  

We got to the hospital at about 7.30 in the morning.  The registration process was held up a bit because I didn’t care for the wording on the general sign-away-your-life form, but we eventually came up with something to add to it that made me more comfortable.  Then I needed to go have blood drawn, as there had been a misunderstanding about that the day I had gone up for all my pre-testing.
After those delays, I put on my bright pink hard-hat (there is lots of construction going on at the hospital and patients have to wear hard hats on their way through the construction zone), and we headed back to the pre-surgery room.
Of course, one of the first things I had to do was change into one of those lovely hospital gowns and place all my belongings in a plastic hospital bag.  Then the fun began!
I’m sure I don’t remember everything they did before the surgery, but here are some of the “highlights:”
Mixed in with the other preparations were questions from a couple of nurses about various things (Rx, vitamins, allergies, etc) and well as some forms to sign.  It was interesting that they were obviously used to folks signing the form without any questions, because me asking questions surprised them a bit.
They put leg wraps on my legs to prevent blood clots and such.  They were made out of very lightweight material and velcroed around my legs from my ankle to my mid-thigh.  Once we were in the OR, they hooked the wraps up to a pump of some sort to keep the blood moving. 
Another nurse hooked up my IV.  I appreciated that they asked on which side I would prefer to have the IV.  The IV was the entry port for almost every thing with which they injected me.
Everything, that is, except the heparin.  That went into my upper right arm, and good gravy it hurt!  The nurse warned me that it would sting like a bee sting, but wowsers, she was right!  It’s not sore any longer, but I still have a bruise there.  The heparin is an anti-coagulant, which was slightly funny to me after all the admonitions to avoid aspirin, garlic, or anything else that might thin my blood.  
Once I was all “suited up,” Dr. S came in (and Jonathan came back to the room, so that we could both talk to him).  We addressed our questions and concerns about the surgery, receiving answers that varied in their “satisfactory” level.  Then both Dr. S and Jonathan disappeared and I was wheeled into the actual OR, where I scooted over from the gurney to the operating bed.
The OR was freezing!  I was already cold, so I was very thankful for the warmed blankets that they layered on top of me.  I don’t remember much from the OR, as I think they got the put-her-out drugs going pretty soon after we got in.  I remember being bundled up and strapped in (for which I was actually glad – that bed was small, and I didn’t want to land on the floor!).  The nurses were chatting with me, helping me to be relaxed as I fell asleep.  They said that if you’re relaxed on your way out, you’ll wake up relaxed as well (which proved to be true for me).  I remember them asking for my children’s names, and I got stuck for a bit after #5.  I think I managed to get out the names of Blessings 6 & 7, but that was about it for me!
When I came to, I was back in the room where they had done all the prep work.  It took me several minutes, I think, to even recognize where I was.  And really, from the time I woke up until after we got home is pretty much a blur.  Dr. S came in and talked to me, the drugged one, but neglected to go out and talk to Jonathan.  I’m not sure how that happened, but by the time I got around to trying to remember what the Dr. had said to me, it was Friday afternoon and I knew both he and his nurse would be out of the office.  So I called today and got the scoop from wonderful nurse Tammy – she’s a gem.
So that’s my experience with operating procedures.  If you made it through my account, I hope you found it interesting!

Wednesday Surgery

Okay, I’ve been debating about whether or not to post this, but I think I shall…

I’m supposed to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 7.30 to check in for outpatient surgery.  It’s not considered a major deal, but to someone like me, general anesthesia is never going to seem like a minor thing.

Not sure if I’ll feel like checking in tomorrow evening or not, but I’d appreciate your prayers – both for peace for Jonathan and I, and guidance, etc. for Dr. S.


BBC Family Camp

Our chapel (Believers Bible Chapel) had our first Family Camp this last weekend; we rented Dayspring Bible Camp.  Though Papa spoke at Dayspring when I was younger, he didn’t take Mama, Eric, and I because it was so primitive back then!  So this was the first time there for all of our family.  

It was a special weekend of fellowship for our chapel family.  John Jimo from Emmaus Bible College came and shared with us from God’s Word.  He was obviously led by the Lord as his messages were very much what we needed, both as a body of believers and as individuals (at least it was for this individual!).
Jonathan and I both were drawn to Dayspring, and I expect that you’ll be hearing more about it from me in the future.  As many of you know, Kansas Bible Camp is home to us, and I don’t think that will ever change, no matter where the Lord leads us in the future.  I found myself surprised by the tug on my heart toward the camp itself.  I don’t mean the grounds, but the Dayspring staff and the feel that I got about the camp and the way the Lord is at work there.  Hard to describe…
I’ve posted pictures in a couple of Picasa Albums – One for pictures from the weekend that include People, and one for pictures that are of the beautiful grounds and Scenery.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from the weekend, just for a teaser…