Backtracking… Andrew’s May Day Birthday

Our little darling boy turned TWO on May 1st… amazing!

We had his birthday party planned for a few days later, but I snapped some pictures of the two of us the evening of his birthday after his bath, and made this collage with one from right after his birth and one from his birthday:

Then on Friday, May 4, we had his birthday party!

Andrew is really doing so well. He had his re-evaluation with his team from the Early Education Center recently, and is at or close to “age appropriate” development in most areas except his expressive language. That in itself is misleading, because wow, can that boy communicate without words! He’s quite expressive, just not very verbal.

A brief rundown on his reported developmental levels from his yearly evaluation on May 15 (mostly for my easy reference and for his grandparents):
Gross Motor: 14-16 months (and actually, I think he would be in another range just a month or so later)
Fine Motor: 21 months
Expressive Language: 9-12 months
Receptive Language: Age appropropriate
Cognitive Skills (playing, thinking, problem solving): 18-24 months
Social Skills (interacting in environment and with people): Age appropriate
Self-Help (feeding, dressing, sleep, toilet-training): 21-24 months

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One Response to Backtracking… Andrew’s May Day Birthday

  1. Tab says:

    Sweet little love boy.
    Happy Birthday, Andrew!

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