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My First Furniture Re-do

From this:To this: I have no experience, and this project is proof that if you’re content with imperfection, you can have beauty! This is a chair that came out of my G’pa and G’ma Byrd’s attic. The original cover was … Continue reading

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A Communion Hymn

A link to this hymn was posted by Ann Voskamp today. I’m not familiar with the hymn, but love the thoughts expressed on the beauty of the love feast that is the Lord’s Supper. The weekly remembrance is precious, and … Continue reading

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Something new

This pregnancy continues to be my most interesting pregnancy to date. Boring would be fine with me, but “interesting” give more opportunity for growth, doesn’t it? I blogged about our midwifery Cookie Day at the capitol a couple weeks ago. … Continue reading

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Clean Up Project and Thoughts

I started getting sick the day after Cookie Day (so, last Thursday) and seemed to take a long time to kick it. Wednesday was the first day I managed to make and execute a to-do list, mostly of things that … Continue reading

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One Step Thou Seest

A friend posted the following poem yesterday. It fits in so many ways where our family is right now. “One step is far enough for faith to see.” May it bless you also. Child of My love, fear not the … Continue reading

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The Missouri Capitol

Tracy mentioned this bit of trivia about the capitol: The “pretty” side of the capitol is facing the river. Supposedly this is because when the capitol was built most people arrived by boat and so that was the side people … Continue reading

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Cookie Day!

Wednesday was our 6th annual Cookie Day at the Missouri State Capitol, when families from around the state bake and package cookies and deliver them to the legislators in Jefferson City. Here are our 24 packages of cookies: And a … Continue reading

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Our Redeeming God

One of the dads in our home school support group posted this to our elist, and I think it’s a great reminder. The next time you feel like GOD can’t use YOU, just remember… Noah was a drunkAbraham was too … Continue reading

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Ann Voskamp shares some lovely thoughts on life-stages in how to assemble the parts of a life when beginnings end & kids grow up. To get the background to my thoughts below, read Ann’s post first. I’ve been there. Watched … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Leadership

A couple of great posts from my hubby’s blog on leadership.Part 1Part 2 Jonathan doesn’t post very often, but what he has to say is invariably worth reading. I know I’m partial, but I’d suggest you add him to your … Continue reading

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