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KBC Work Day

Wow, I knew I hadn’t had much time to blog lately, but didn’t realize I hadn’t posted since the day we closed on our new home. I have some catching up to do, so I’ll jump right in!

April 28th was a work day at KBC, and Jonathan and I were thrilled that we got to see a lot accomplished “out back.” The northern woodsy part of the camp has always been important to both of us, and it has not seen much use or care in recent years, so it was a delight to make progress in reclaiming some of it as usable space again.

I am trying a new plugin for dealing with pictures.  When I have a lot of pics in a post, I’d like to be able to let you view them in a larger size by clicking on the first picture, then be able to click through from one shot to the next without coming back to the post.  I also want to have my captions visible under the larger version.  When you’re in the click-through, simply click on the picture to get back to the post.  I would love to know what you think of this new doo-dad.

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We closed on our new house today (well, technically yesterday, since’s it’s way after midnight and I should be in bed!), and enjoyed hanging out there this evening. I took lots of pictures, and posted them on google+ with comments and explanations. Since it’s so late, I’m going to just post a link to that album. Please let me know how it works for you, especially if you’re not yet in my google circles.
See pictures of our new place here!

Resurrection Sunday

We had a beautiful Resurrection Sunday!
After breakfast, worship, and teaching with our beloved chapel family at Mizpah, we headed to Carey Park for lunch. It was nice to relax and enjoy the gorgeous day, and I took loads of pictures. In the late afternoon, we headed to Cousin Chelle’s for the Hall clan get together. I have so many pictures I’d like to share that I’m going to go ahead and do a gallery. Sorry about the extra time that takes for viewing… I’d like to find a better option. Enjoy anyway!

Creekside at KBC

When we were out at the camp a couple weeks ago, I took a few minutes to sit by the creek behind the pole barn.

Years ago, when leftovers of the south side of the A-frame bridge were still in place, I had a certain special sitting spot by the creek. In those days, the back side of the gym was much less cluttered, and the old bridge skeleton was a wonderfully quiet place to sit. Countless times I found myself there in need of peace. Of course, the peace didn’t come from the creation; it came from the Creator. I have such treasured memories of this little bit of creation and the grace lavished on me the many times I sat there to seek the Creator.

My favorite sitting tree is still there, though the old bridge boards are now part of the walkway by the tower across the new bridge on Camper Island. I was thankful to capture the current view from my sitting spot.

Have you had favorite spots to sit and ponder? I’d love to hear about them!

Wedding Stuff

Our friends Paul and Bethany got married recently, and while my camera went kaflooey the day of the wedding, I do have some miscellaneous pre-wedding pics to post…

I wish I had gotten a better picture of the gym floor when we walked in the week before the wedding to work on the stage. A scratch-and-sniff would be even better, because this amount of bird doo-doo doesn’t come without some olfactory “benefits.”

Jonathan and the boys transformed four sections of bowling alley floor into a stage for the wedding. After figuring out how the sections were going to best fit together, they removed all the assorted boards, screws, and bolts from the undersides –

Then they used “new” plywood and osb (from the scrap lumber stock in the camp pole barn) to attach and stabilize the sections –

Andrew H. brought concrete blocks which we set up to hold the stage –

And when it was all ready, we took advantage of the bachelor party’s presence at camp to get the whole shabang flipped and in place –

The next Tuesday, in another display of brilliant use of scrap wood, Jonathan built stairs for the stage.
Cutting the stringers –

Andrew and Kate helping put the stairs together (note the AMAZING transformation of the gym in the background… and it was even better by wedding day!)

Andrew helping Daddy and Grandpa Smith –

Big projects take lots of teamwork (as evidenced by the gym transformation wrought by Paul and Bethany’s families on Resurrection Sunday) –

My (other than moral support and inspiration) contribution – the first coat of paint (with help from Mom Smith). Andrew H. finished the paint job the next day and the stairs looked terrific!

And then it was wedding day!!

Pre-wedding beautifications

Lovely ladies

The beautiful bride having her hair done. I don’t think she was the least bit excited when she got dressed that morning, do you?

And that’s when my camera went out, so I have no pictures of the bride dressed in her finery, the wedding, the reception, etc. But it was absolutely lovely and honoring to the Lord that Paul and Bethany serve. A fantastic day!

January – Memories Old and New – Photo Gallery

January was a time of making new memories and treasuring past ones. Jonathan’s Grandma Hall graduated to glory on January 24. Within the next week and a half, a number of precious saints of our acquaintance also passed on. It has been a blessing to us to celebrate these lives lived for the Savior. We pray that God will help us learn from those who have gone before and will work in our lives in such a way that those who come behind will be blessed.

So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.
Psalm 90:12

(click on the pictures to see larger versions)

A Prayer and a Picture

Laurie shared this prayer that resonated with me. May it be a blessing to you as well…

O Lord God, in Whom we live, and move, and have our being, open our eyes that we may behold Thy Fatherly presence ever about us. Draw our hearts to Thee with the power of Thy love. Teach us to be anxious for nothing, and when we have done what Thou hast given us to do, help us, O God our Saviour, to leave the issue to Thy wisdom. Take from us all doubt and mistrust. Lift our thoughts up to Thee in heaven, and make us to know that all things are possible to us through Thy Son our Redeemer. Amen. ~ Bishop Westcott

And I must throw in this picture of Andrew from Valentines Day, because he is so cute. He is also walking everywhere (rarely crawling) and is adding lots of new attempted words to his repertoire. They still rarely have consonants, but he’s talking, which is huge progress!