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Thoughts on Friendship

I have been blessed repeatedly by Amy Scott’s Humble Musings, so this certainly not the first time I’ve linked to Humble Amy.  I appreciated her thoughts today on friendship, and wanted to share them with you.

My thoughts have been returning often lately to friendship – specifically to real friendship, as in friends with whom you can be real.  I am troubled by the degree to which we (“we” being specifically Christians in modern day U.S.A.) are generally not genuine with one another.  We put on our happy face and do our best to be seen as “together.”  I am becoming increasingly convinced that our lack of “realness” is extremely detrimental to the body of Christ, as well as to the world around us.  How are we to “confess (our) sins to one another and pray for one another, that (we) may be healed” (James 5.16) if we constantly keep on our masks?
The last few years have brought a blessing to my life that is rare treasure.  God has given me a bosom friend (as Anne would say), and a friendship in which there is a deep mutual realness.  It is unspeakably encouraging to me, as I seek to laid hold of that for which I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus, to know that my dear friend is struggling along beside me.  The depth to which we can be spiritually naked with each other helps us both to keep seeking after our Saviour.  We don’t have it perfected yet… but that’s okay, because we both know that we’re still “in process” that that He Who promised is faithful.
I’m so thankful for the friendships the Lord has given me.  I am blessed to have a wonderful circle of friends who love and pray for me.  I am seeking to be more genuine with those in my life.  But I’m going to be genuine with you and say that it is stinking hard sometimes.  How many people really want to hear that I yell at my children, have forgiveness issues, have self-destructive tendencies, struggle with disturbing sin, doubt my Saviour’s love, and more?  And I’m not proposing that we blurt out our deepest and darkest struggles to everyone we meet.  But my goal is to wear my “got-it-all-together” mask less often… to be genuine… to be approachable… to be a real friend.   

Nobody’s Got It All Together


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What do you think of this song and the thoughts behind it?

Do you find that we as Christians are real with each other, or that we try to act like we do have it all together? If the latter, what can we do to be real with each other so that we truly can encourage one another to love and good deeds?

FoMM Retreat

We just got back from the 3rd Annual Friends of Missouri Midwives Family Retreat.  We had loads of fun and fellowship and accomplished a lot, too!  There were over 80 people in attendance, which is almost doubled from last year.  

Here are the folks still around when we remembered to get a group picture late Sunday morning:
And a pretty scenic view on the way home: