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My Health Journey – an update

I’ll get the confession part of this post out-of-the-way right off the bat. I got stuck on my journey for a few weeks. I had five days of sickness, which had some scale advantages, but also weakened me considerably and contributed … Continue reading

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Welcoming 2011

What we had thought would be our big New Year’s bash wound up being a delightfully cozy evening with family and a few friends. We romped, played (games and with favorite Christmas gifts), And were reminded of what is needed as … Continue reading

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Christmas/Advent Thoughts

Some post-Christmas thoughts on the Advent season and our developing family traditions as we seek to keep our focus on the Christ who was born to die that we might live eternally. Not prescribing or mandating for anyone else. These … Continue reading

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Advent – Anticipating the Coming

Jonathan and I come from a church tradition that does not not embrace the celebration of Advent. Yet, over the last several years, two Advent traditions in particular have deepened and enriched our savoring of the Christmas season, and of … Continue reading

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Preparing for Life

Though autumn has long been one of my favorite seasons, it is generally associated with death.  Is that how you’ve viewed it? In the “unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies” sense, yes, autumn is tied to death, … Continue reading

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An update on Andrew’s diet

I mentioned near the beginning of the month that we had discovered that Andrew does not deal well with the bovine milk protein that comes through in my milk (a condition called allergic colitis), that I had gone off dairy, and … Continue reading

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Adventures with Andrew

We’re in the midst of a new adventure with our sweet Andrew.  He had a rough week this week, with lots of misery, crying, and poor nursing.  On Thursday he started having blood in his stool, and after the second … Continue reading

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His Consolations

The Lord brought to mind this morning the sweet verse, “When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.” (Ps. 94.13, NAS) I was thinking on this verse and, to be honest, trying to talk myself into being … Continue reading

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A “school year” underway

While we have school going at some level all year, I appreciate the opportunity for evaluation and goal-setting that comes with the start of a “new” year.  In our family, this usually means evaluation and goal-setting for me as much or more than for the … Continue reading

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Be All at Rest

A friend shared this poem yesterday, and it’s so worth passing on to you.  I especially love the imagery in the first stanza.  I’d never thought of “let not your heart be troubled” from that perspective! Be all at rest, … Continue reading

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