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Happy Reformation Day

Eh? Reformation Day? Is that some holiday that the non-Halloween crowd invented to have something different to celebrate on October 31? Actually, no. Though I had thought so myself until just recently. And it is nice to have something to … Continue reading

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Apple day

We’ve been busy today taking care of various projects around the house. It’s the first weekday the Blessings have had off school since mid-September, and they’ve been a big help. We worked on getting the venison we were given earlier … Continue reading

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The garden is almost done for the year. Last week we gathered a large harvest before the first freeze of the year. The Blessings and I also spent about an hour covering tomato and pepper plants with sheets before that … Continue reading

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Songs, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

We’re working on getting back in the habit of having a hymn and a Scripture song (or, occasionally, a chorus) that we sing daily each week. This springs from a desire to instill the great hymns of the faith and … Continue reading

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What a Weekend!

Friday afternoon found us at the home of some new friends, for an enjoyable visit and (hopefully) an intake of the chicken pox. Our older Blessings have been exposed multiple times and have not yet broken out in the pox, … Continue reading

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This and That

So, I left home late LAST Monday morning to go to a birth and haven’t blogged since, though I did start a post last Wednesday afternoon with this: I left home late Monday morning to go to a birth. Got … Continue reading

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In Which I Speak of Soy and Estrogen

I have recently been asked to articulate my concerns about soy as food. I have told some of my experience with soy and estrogen dominance in my dust-gathering-yet-unfinished series on Balance, but thought I would share this brief as well. … Continue reading

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State Fair Reflections – Through the Years

Our camera went kaput at the end of August and revived a few weeks later, so we were without it during the State Fair. Though I missed having the camera, I can see how its absence allowed me to relish … Continue reading

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Sweet little man

Mr. Andrew hasn’t had much press time lately, has he? As you can see, he is as adorable as ever. This was last week while Jonathan and the Blessings were doing some yard work. Andrew was apparently on tool duty. … Continue reading

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