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The Hair Saga

I’ve been reading here and there around blogland for a year or more about hair care regimes that do not include shampoo and conditioner. As I’ve been trying to minimize our use of harsh and unknown chemicals for the last several years, the idea … Continue reading

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His Consolations

The Lord brought to mind this morning the sweet verse, “When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.” (Ps. 94.13, NAS) I was thinking on this verse and, to be honest, trying to talk myself into being … Continue reading

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Plantain – The Wonder Weed

Several summers ago, I was bitten by a brown recluse spider.  I set about researching online.  Most of the information I initially found pretty much told me that I was out of luck – that unless I had made it … Continue reading

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The First Four Months

A look back at our first four (and a half) months with precious Andrew Caden… If you click on the first picture in the gallery, it will come up in a larger size, with a thumbnail of the next in … Continue reading

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Oldie/Goodie – If He Goes Before Me

An encouraging post from my friend Angela reminded me of this song from my younger years.  I’ve had it running through my head all day, and found it on youtube so I can share with you. [youtube=] This album (Whitecross – … Continue reading

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Just for fun

Kathy tagged me and I haven’t done one of these for a while, so… just for fun, here we go! First, the questions Kathy answered: 1. What’s your favorite holiday, and why? I love the Advent season.  We spend it … Continue reading

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Linkage ~ from early July

I guess I never got around to posting this one… I’m not able to embed it, but a trip to see the video for Andrew Peterson’s “Dancing in the Mine Fields” would be well worth your time. It’s terrific. Part … Continue reading

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Another Sort of Garden Work

Today, we did a little work in the front “flower garden.” That gets quotation marks because, since we moved here, we have seen very few flowers in the raised bed out front. However, my assumption has always been that there … Continue reading

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A “school year” underway

While we have school going at some level all year, I appreciate the opportunity for evaluation and goal-setting that comes with the start of a “new” year.  In our family, this usually means evaluation and goal-setting for me as much or more than for the … Continue reading

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Be All at Rest

A friend shared this poem yesterday, and it’s so worth passing on to you.  I especially love the imagery in the first stanza.  I’d never thought of “let not your heart be troubled” from that perspective! Be all at rest, … Continue reading

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