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Progress Reports

Note: I’m planning on posting updates within this blog post, so that folks with readers are not overwhelmed in case I post lots of updates today. I’ll just add the latest at the top of the post with the time, … Continue reading

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Slugs and Bugs

We first watched these videos a couple weeks ago and hadn’t watched them or sung the songs since. Tonight, I heard Stephen singing Tractor, Tractor in the living room. He remembered the tune and everything. So I pulled them back … Continue reading

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Trying out Windows Live Writer

I read a recommendation recently for using Windows Live Writer for blogging, so I’m giving it a shot.  The part that interests me is being able to use it to insert photos using Picasa or Flickr.  The above picture I … Continue reading

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A Lovely Day

I have had a wonderful day today, enjoying my freedom to do whatever I feel like doing. Josiah and I did some weeding in the garden. The boys and I strung yarn on tomato cages to make trellises for our … Continue reading

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Getting Closer

I almost called my midwife in the night last night because my contractions were getting closer together and I was having a hard time sleeping. I’ve been pretty much laying low the last few days, despite the fact that I’d … Continue reading

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Spring Greens

Here are a couple of shots I took the other day during a break in the rain. I love the greens of spring!And here’s Grace in the lovely green grass, carrying our rooster who formerly was the bully. He’s been … Continue reading

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Last night, I felt like Much Afraid when her cottage was invaded by her Fearing relatives. I was suddenly overwhelmed by a multitude of “What Ifs” and crazy possible scenarios about the arrival of this little one. I knew on … Continue reading

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Blog Layout Switchup

I realized this morning that I had not updated my “Friends’ Blogs” or “Worth Reading” lists in my sidebar for quite some time. Honestly, I have so many blogs on my google reader that it would be silly for me … Continue reading

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And a update

I seem to be in one of those seasons of life where there are so many thoughts and words in my head and heart that very few of them make it to the written word. I just checked and realized … Continue reading

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One of those “wow” posts

… and I don’t mean that I’m going to “wow” you with my wit and wisdom in this post. I mean that this post, which I Highly Recommend you read, was very moving. It’s a post about artistry, but also … Continue reading

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