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What a fabulous post!

from my friend Kathy: A picture compliation so well fitted with words from Oh! The Places You’ll Go.

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October – In pictures

Here they are!

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Everything Sad is Coming Untrue – Review

I’ve been listening to Jason Gray’s new album for so long that the folks at Centricity Music probably think that I’ve forgotten I promised I’d write a review if only they’d let me have a copy. There’s a lot to … Continue reading

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Free math worksheet generator

For those of you who use math worksheets for your children, I have recently discovered this free worksheet generator. I went looking because it’s difficult to find drill sheets for the +11 and +12 addition facts and this way I … Continue reading

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Your Father Knoweth

Your Father Knoweth.. Precious thought, my Father knoweth,In His love I rest;For whate’er my Father doeth,Must be always best,Well I know the heart that plannethNaught but good for me;Joy and sorrow interwoven-Love in all I see. Precious thought, my Father … Continue reading

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Love that winter squash!

Here is the majority of our winter squash harvest (some have already been eaten). Four cookie sheets of pie pumpkins are baking now; I plan to bake, puree and freeze most of them over the next week or so, saving … Continue reading

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BBC Weekend Family Camp

Last weekend, most of the folks from our chapel headed to Dayspring Bible Camp for a weekend family camp. Things didn’t officially kick off until Saturday morning, but we and Jonathan’s parents went down Friday night because that’s easier (and … Continue reading

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Bad Blogger – 9 weeks along

I have multiple posts going in my head, but between feeling naseaus and having trouble with our internet, blogging keeps getting bumped to the bottom of the list. I’m looking forward to hitting that 12-14 point of this pregnancy, which … Continue reading

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Hello. My name is Laurel, and I’m a gamer. One of the interesting things about my life that I don’t mention very often is that I married a gamer. Jonathan loved the arcade as a kid, and thoroughly enjoyed console … Continue reading

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