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Grace’s Birth Story – Part I

Six years ago this coming Monday, Victoria Grace arrived in our arms. In honor of Grace’s birthday, I’d like to share her birth story. As I’ve worked on writing it, I’ve realized that it’s going to be a two-parter. So … Continue reading

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Book Giveaway!

My friend Molly, who blogs for Citizens for Midwifery, is having a giveaway in honor of her son’s third birthday. She’s giving a copy of Rediscovering Birth by Sheila Kitzinger. If you’re one of my fellow birth junkies, be sure … Continue reading

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Time to stop being selfish

Yesterday, I found out about this huge spring giveaway party at Sew, Mama, Sew. I’ve spent most of my spare moments since checking out the myriad of giveaways. So fun! There are three categories of giveaways, and I’m still working … Continue reading

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Precious Moments

Stephen is adding words to his vocabulary daily, but he is at the point where sometimes the easiest thing to do is to take Mama by the hand (or clothing) and lead her to where he wants to go. He … Continue reading

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A bit of catch up

I haven’t posted very many pictures this month, so I’m going to try to play catch up today. The fastest way to do that is to upload them to Picasa albums and embed slideshows that you can click on if … Continue reading

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Wondrous Love

So I woke up this morning grumpy. Lousy attitude, stinky outlook. I scrolled down my FB homepage, and our friend Elrond had posted this video. Talk about a dose of attitude adjustment! Visual depictions of Christ’s suffering for us can … Continue reading

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The Diary of An Old Soul

Fourteen years ago I found a great treasure in a small package. Emmaus Bible College, where I studied for two years, has an annual book sale in the library. In ’95, one of my precious finds was a little book … Continue reading

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Lots to do

We’ve got lots going on these days. Not so much on the work end of things, for which prayers would be appreciated, but we’re trying to take advantage of Jonathan’s time off by getting stuff done around the home front. … Continue reading

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Have you noticed?

I’ve been posting pictures on my Yesterday blog lately!

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My Bubba

My brother is one of the most beloved people in my life. I’m so proud of him and I think he’s fabulous. I think he likes me a bit, too. Here are some shots from when we were little, taken of … Continue reading

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